Meet Megan

Hey, everyone!  My name is Megan.  I am the wife of a fabulous, hard-working husband.  I am a mommy to a precious little girl who is a Kindergartener!  We also have a sweet dog named Molly. 


I teach Third Grade at a State Certified STEM School in North Carolina.  I am so excited because we are departmentalizing and I will be teaching STEM three times each day!  This means that I get to teach Science and Social Studies all year long! 

I love engaging students in a fun, hands-on, creative way.  I find new ways to incorporate PBLs into everything we do! 

I started a TPT Store several years ago, but I have been unable to add most of my PBLs to TPT due to our INSPIRE Grant for STEM education.  I am hoping to add more PBLs and other ideas in the coming years. 

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