Monday, March 13, 2017

Do you Breakout EDU?

I have been following this idea for over a year via social media and finally took the plunge.  Over Winter Break I had a project funded on Donors Choose for two Breakout EDU boxes.  Teachers should go right now to in order to sign out

We finally were able to complete a Breakout EDU that I got from the Sandbox a couple of weeks ago on the Solar System called Lost in Space. Students had to work in small groups to compile information on the planets, their sizes, locations and famous astronomers.  They solved problems and used clues to determine how to "break in" to their box.  All of my classes were successful in completing these activities.


This week students walked into my room to a Breakout EDU game of my own creation!  We have been studying Historical Perspective and how the history of our community shaped what our city has become.  I took historical events such as the first Gold Rush in US History, the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, the Charlotte Mint, the Cabarrus Black Boys group who fought the British in their own way, and other regional events.  I developed clues using Primary and Secondary Sources from these events, creating short passages and artifacts for students to read.  Using these clues, students identified the codes for each lock.  Once they unlocked all of the locks, they discovered artifacts such as cotton, corn meal, and gold "nuggets" that I got from Hobby Lobby.

Talk about engagement!  My students loved every minute of it and were working extremely hard the entire time!  They even said that is was more fun than a PBL!  I believe that is just because it is something "different," but the kids enjoy it anyway. I cannot wait to do this again! 


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