Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pendulums in the Morning!

This week we started our unit on Motion and Design!  How better to kick it off than with a PBL?  We explored laws of motion, gravity, and inertia, along with a little bit of centripetal force, all in one 45 minute lesson!  How did we do this?  We made a pendulum and discovered how to make it swing back and forth the most within 30 seconds.  Our pendulums were made with a golf ball, tape, yarn, and a ruler.

Students discovered what happened when the string was lengthened or shortened, when they added additional weight with tape, when they bumped the ball mid-swing, and how long it took to stop working without being touched.  

What's the Connection?

There is so much to talk about with pendulums: swings, grandfather clocks, metronomes, Carnival/Amusement Park Rides, Seismometers, etc. We can talk about this experiment for days afterward and still not be done unpacking all of its content!  

How do you teach about motion in your class?

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