Monday, May 4, 2015

How Do You Planbook?

Hey, friends!  I am on a roll with this blog thing!  I am so excited tonight to tell you how I use PlanbookEDU in my planning!


This was a suggested website from a couple other grade levels at the school but is not a school-wide implementation.  It is very cost-effective.  You would pay just as much, if not more, for a planbook.  I think it is especially fabulous for those that have to turn in plans each week to their administration.  Less paperwork, less to keep up with, and everything is all in one place.  No need to erase and move things around if you need to reteach a lesson or you get ahead of yourself.

I love the ability of plan online, collaborate with other teachers, move and shift lesson plans as needed, as well as print out what you are teaching with ease.  I like to go old-school and print the plans out to put in my calendar/plan book.  I just like being able to refer to the paper version when I am in front of the class.  This is my first year of digital planning, but I am noticing that I am moving over more and more to just checking things online instead of my plan book.

There are other teachers at my school that I can share my plans with.  We can copy each other's plans and move things around to suit our classroom needs.

How do you plan?  Do you use PlanbookEDU?

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